Becoming Everything

Reading a post this morning was realising that when the ‘I’ disappears, there’s no place to take a position from, to occupy to be in a relationship with anyone or anything. Oh my. Tinge of sadness to that I notice. And that is okay. That melting into everything and everyone though, it is really beautiful. Thoughts when they come much more obvious.

One of several reasons why I have found it challenging to run a business in society. Why would I want someone’s money who I feel such love for, who is me anyway, and mostly when it’s obvious they don’t want to give me much of it?! in fact it can make them pretty unhappy.

I stood in wellington boots dissolving into the patterns below me, these simple and mighty gateways are so treasured. Pic below as I don’t think you can post videos on here?

A walk to the park in the sunny morning up the river then an impromptu call to a friend. We went to see the men on site and the clients and then to the beach. Ran around playing and splashing with the dog in bliss, free in no ‘me’. Lunch in the sun.

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