A Thank You

Gratitude and appreciation had become such an integrated part of my every day attitude that I stopped having to think about it much. Then it seemed to ebb away a bit as life’s complexities appear, inner struggles arise, complaints crept back in.

I realise that it would be useful to revisit it consciously and not to let these hard won new habits dissipate away even when life is good. So I have been thinking about gratitude this morning. Here’s just a few.

  • Thanks for perfect warm clean water I enjoyed in the shower this morning, at a turn of a knob it appears effortlessly. Something royalty 100 years ago didn’t even have, and we here in the west almost all have it in our homes.
  • The opportunity to awaken and learn how to surrender, to wake up. Thank you to reality for the abundant opportunity it provides to help me to do this and fall in love with life.
  • I was appreciating my feet, and how they support me, my ankles and legs too. I gave them a little attention in the shower as I thanked them for working so consistently to transport me where I wish to go.
  • Any food I want to eat all year round for a low price. I don’t have to dig the soil, grow it, pick it clean it. It’s all there in a big supermarket full of wonders from all over the world.
  • Gratitude for this place WordPress, where I can express and process this experience of being alive. And for those of you who chum me along on this wild wonderful and terrifying at times journey
  • The internet. I am astonished that we for the first time in history within the last 20 years have access to all the world wealth of knowledge and wisdom. We can educate ourselves at little or no cost to us. We can get information about what is happening all over the world and connect with others from many other cultures. It’s a wonder. And there’s the entertainment too of course, the films and documentaries.
  • I am grateful for my good relationship/friendship with my son and I really like the person he has turned out to be.
  • I can walk out the door and feel safe in a nice neighbourhood. And not only that across the road is a beautiful 300+ acre park with woodlands waterfalls a river and wildlife, and a cafe for lunch outside every day.
  • I have a few friends that I can talk to and relate with deeply, I appreciate them a lot.
  • I spend a lot of time outside in the beauty of nature which is very nurturing.
  • I am surrounded by technology that makes my life easier.
  • I have a steady stream of therapy and design clients giving me both an income and a way of feeling useful to others
  • My team of men work are skilled and work hard and are also nice people and I appreciate them a lot
  • This flat is beautiful spacious and comfortable. There is very little I don’t like about it and a lot that I do. And we just had the entrance decorated making it even nicer. I appreciate being a property owner and the advantages of that.
  • I love my plants and how I feel surrounded by nature even indoors.
  • My bed is a joy, so comfortable and I am very grateful that I sleep so well every night.
  • I benefit enormously from the teachers I learn from on the internet and appreciate feeling very supported by them

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