Day 9

A good sleep. Less and less coughing now. Still no taste or smell. I just did a test and I … More

Covid Day 8

Feeling better physically each day. Calm and still inside too. Not much thought going on. Mind starting to wonder a … More

Day 7

Though I’m told it’s really day 6, first day of symptom onset doesn’t count. Awake after another long but broken … More

Day 6

Slowly emerging from this land of covid now I think. So tired though still. Sleeps are very disturbed, and no … More

Day 5

Think the worst has passed now. Sore throat, earache, headache have peaked and are much milder. Still coughing, and very … More

Day 4

This is another moan, so probably not that interesting. Got up at 9am thinking I could make an effort to … More

Day 3

Like being in a little personal crazy land just now where nothing much is normal. So much sleeping, no walks, … More

Still unwell with Covid

Strangely comfortable all night though, I took a pain killer which helped the back pain. I appreciated just being in … More

Bit of a Crash

Not feeling well at all now. Was a bit iffy in the morning but thought it was breathing in the … More

This and that

This client had started talking about a huge problem we have neglected to deal with properly, hinting at suing me, … More

Looking at my Reactivity

Looking at where there’s reactiveness inside to events or people recently. – I got an email response from a client … More

Disturbing Dream

Woke up late and a bit disturbed in the feelings. Such a long intense real dream with M. He’s the … More

A Nice Day

Was another distress free day. Happy in a calm way, as in the lack of thoughts or reactions bothering me. … More

Allowing Joy

Theme for this week it appears. I’m seeing myself strangle the happy wavelength, not so much out of fear now, … More

A Perfect Day

Lovely long sleep and a headache that was threatening yesterday is here this morning. This reminds me of some of … More

New Business Mentor

The Chamber of Commerce offered me a free mentor again and I met him this morning online. What an ace … More

It’s Okay

Despite the previous post. I’m not consumed by feelings about what is going on with my son. I have no … More

No Anxiety

An anxiety free last few days, and a welcome opportunity to experience life without that fear lense colouring my perception. … More

Combined posts

Just put both the last 2 posts out together to see if I could get at it better with words. … More