Edgy & Excited

Beautiful blue sky minus 2 degree morning. In the shower I said a warm hello to all of me, the … More

First Aid time

Having to consciously turn towards that which makes me feel at peace to deal with an underlying anxiety I’m feeling. … More

Friendly Aliens

Still emerging. Been looking at brain wave states. Gamma (γ)>35 HzConcentration Beta (β)12–35 HzAnxiety dominant, active, external attention, relaxed Alpha … More

Just a Normal Day

Yesterday was a fine day, and it went well with the 3 therapy clients I spoke to. I saw the … More

Not Separate

To connect there and teach the rest of the inner team that it is safe to relax into it, the … More

Hibernation over

I’m gradually emerging from my holiday burrow with a couple of therapy clients then a garden client straight after this … More

Living Here

Having left it late in life to buy a place to live I was limited to what I could afford … More

Pancake Ice

My old pal Anxious Annie is still lingering inside here. It’s very mild, though enough for me to feel less … More


Experiencing increasing confidence at the moment, backed up by a whole lot of encouragement from within. And there’s Garab Dorje … More

Doubt Worms

Doubt. Self doubt. I notice when it arrives. It brings a chill with it, and I either recognise it, name … More

Daily Life Just Now

Business mentor meeting started the day and I’m glad to say I had some progress to report and surprised him … More

Face the fear

‘Face the fear of not interpreting and stay with the experience’. I was advised by an anonymous wise person on … More

Best use of Time

How best to use this time in life? There’s been a lot of resting and deep inner transformative work going … More

Powerful and Strong

What a time. A momentous time of balancing. Making sure all the inner characters are being heard. The learning that … More