What was your worry three worries ago?

Asks Dan Siegel

We can’t usually remember, they come and go and usually nothing bad happens other than a bunch of unnecessary suffering. The occasional one might be a valid prompt to take action, but even then I question if we actually need worry for those actions. I can be in a relaxed state and take an action to avoid a negative outcome or gain a positive one.

Last night I fetched marvellous Indian food from a local restaurant. My favourite, bhindi and chapati which I also had for breakfast. Also got some veg momos, another favourite from my time in northern India. And wow, did I overeat, savouring every single moment. So long since I’ve had food cooked for me so delicious.

Aware of the abundance all around me, and appreciating it. Also aware that I live in most respects, better than a queen did 100 years ago. I notice that I feel uplifted when I remember this abundance and support that is all around.

Yesterday a friend arrived at 10 and I took her to one of my favourite woodland walks high up through woods over the water. We had such fun, and went back through deep mud and challenging terrain for the sake of adventure and exploration. The dogs had a ball too. There were lots of scarlet elf cup fungi providing a splash of colour in what is still the dead of winter. I feel very much at home in nature, at my most relaxed.

The rest of the afternoon I felt a little lost. I think I’ve squeezed all the juice out of gathering knowledge and wisdom on the internet, as well as films and shows, at the moment anyway. It’s not working too well to sit in front of a screen for hours and hours.

I find myself often wondering how I spent time before the internet. Which I love and appreciate enormously. Would like a bit less time on it.

Starting to investigate other activities. Perhaps joining the old gym for the swimming. Looking into group activities to join too. maybe go back to the singing bowl sessions. Bought a weighted skipping rope. Have an hour in a sensory deprivation tank booked this coming week. Time to branch out a little. I put some more ads up on community pages online about counselling too. Already a few responses.

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