What’s with all the Anxiety?

I’m noticing so many are reporting feeling anxiety and I’m wondering if perhaps we have actually always felt anxious and only recently found a name for how we feel. Before that it was just normal. Any thoughts on this?

Every second person I speak to seems to be experiencing it.

I mean, it’s not like the country is at war or anything!

I’m feeling compassion for our grandparents who did actually feel the anxiety of being bombed, and for those right now in the world experiencing that.

So what’s going on?

Perhaps there is a gigantic waking up taking place and a new self awareness spreading. People talk on social media, spreading ideas, hearing others being open and we are all talking more, and we are all way way more connected too via the internet. Learning opportunities are higher than ever before in history thanks to the internet.

Quite a bit of anxiety for me daily. I know it’s partly to do with the workload of this course I’m doing and running a business….but really I’ve had more pressure than this and not felt so overwhelmed.

I am loving that we are sharing more openly. Today so far I’ve had a chat with a park worker about his relationship with god and religion, his feelings about being a father to be, a chat about anxiety and about life after death with a dog walker, and a neighbour visited and told me about her childhood with sadistic parents, horrendous sexual abuse and cruelty. She cried. I was shocked. Heart broke for her. We shared, had tea, talked about happier memories too.

We lived in villages and small towns for most of our evolution, and now we are living in ever smaller circles. Hardly know our neighbours, fewer friends with all the busyness with work and kids and juggling going on for many. Smaller fewer extended families. More isolation and loneliness.

I visited a friend on Saturday and we both shared that we could go a whole day with barely talking to another person. And that feels shit!

Let’s keep sharing. Let’s share even more, take risks and open up to each other. Talking feels oh so good, connecting with others, strangers become no longer strangers as we discover we are almost all vulnerable and soft inside.

Here’s a lovely 5 minute talk about expressing ourselves authentically, it’s time.

Viva la revolution!


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