Alcohol Free Experiment – Day 51

So my hairdresser challenged me to join her in the 30 day alcohol free experiment going around just now. So I did and gave up my nightly 2 double gins (and more at weekends).

It’s been easy peasy. After around a week, it became the new normal not drinking. I just switched to aerated water with a splash of orange juice, and discovered it was to some extent dehydration that drove my gin and tonics.

Having a social drink has become Rose Lemonade for me while others drink wine. And I don’t feel left out, or that I’m missing anything and it hasn’t effected the fun level and I can drive home. I spend my evening alone mostly anyway.

It’s now become part of my overall self care. I don’t actually feel all that different but I know that alcohol isn’t good for me or anyone physically. I’m now 9 stone 12 pounds, down 7 pounds and the first time in years I’ve dipped below 10 stones. That does feel great. Lighter is healthier and now the BMI is within the healthy range at 24. A few more pounds to go and then I’ll stick to that. The weight loss has been slow and gradual and without starving myself or anything.

Our society is awash with alcohol use and a lot lot of overt and covert misuse. I feel like a rebel! And I have discovered that many women of my age only make their menopause symptoms worse by drinking. Even though we think we are using it to relax and reduce stress, it does the opposite. It makes us more anxious and depressed, especially those who drink to hangover the next day level. And we put on weight which makes many of us feel shit about ourselves.

If anyone wants to try it, I highly recommend the Alcohol Experiment page on FB for support and for education about what alcohol does to our bodies and mood.

It’s an experiment, and I give myself permission to drink any day if I want to. So far I haven’t wanted to. I’m enjoying not feeling guilty about consuming a drug that doesn’t contribute to my wellbeing, and encourages weight gain.

And apart from anything else it’s interesting to break habits and see who we are without them. Bit of facing what’s left without the habit, and that’s also interesting!

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