The Joy Waiting for Us

A late and very deep therapy session with a client. Talked about joyfulness being ever present and just waiting for us and about devotion on this path, of the importance of a community and a support system.

The quiet joyfulness, our natural state, and that therapy is a process of shedding the conditioning that stands in the way of us being free to be ourselves fully.

We connect with that backdrop of joy….and it’s a stable peaceful constant state, alertness, a gentle joy…..within which waves of feelings of sadness and other feelings can be experienced without losing the connection to it, they are experienced more as variations of energy states.

Daring to experience that joy fully, daring to lean right back into it. It really is like a dare. If one is used to more of an inner struggle state, that can become normal and familiar and even feels safe in a way. There’s some inner turnaround that seems scary to some part inside. It’s not really though. What waits is peacefulness.

In the night as I surface out of sleep, I connect with that ever present silent joy. Oh yes, you’re still there, hello again. Delightful.

I awake and I reconnect ah it’s joy, it’s still there, I feel it. This is exciting

And that happened quite a few times. I sensed the mind wanting to generate a thought, and instead I remembered quiet ever present joyfulness. I sleep for 8 hours. And still this morning few if any thoughts. Connecting with that joy has settled and soothed the nervous system. So the mind doesn’t sense any anxiety of danger so it isn’t triggered into making thoughts to solve the ‘problem’ it perceives.

Yesterday, a rainy walk to a favourite park with a waterfall I’ve loved since childhood. It had changed, the sluice gates were wide open for the first time I’ve seen. The water gushed through less impeded by the dam. Metaphors everywhere in nature.

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