The Story of Me

Been meaning to address this and today out with the dog I witnessed an example of it in action which … More

Flowers, fields and sunshine

Washing machine spinning away, the dishwasher cleaning dishes, and low frequency meditation music on which I’m finding deeply relaxing for … More

Wrestling with Passivity

I’ve been practicing…or is it a falling into or surrendering, a sort of passivity and increasing receptivity for some years, … More

Basking and Being Quiet

Enjoying being in the intensity of the design process yesterday. I have the ground levels on the survey, the interior … More

Day in the Life

All is well, it’s quiet enough to hear the birdsong, even with the rush hour traffic passing. I’ve been reading … More

The Visit

A garden we built about 5 years ago at a beautiful country house. I was there to view the second … More

Voidy Peace

Some fearful thoughts returned last night. Woke up a couple of times and it was communicated that I should be … More

Feel like a Chat

Solitary day. A therapy client, then a walk to the allotment in the beautiful sunshine where is stayed for over … More

Back from the Wilds

To feel oneself in a different environment, and experience how I orientate now. That was all very interesting. Do I … More

Moments of Grace…

Washing machine a-spinning, cars a-wooshing past, heating boiler a-humming….and I sit here at the kitchen table feeling the weight of … More

Inner Spaciousness

The robovac is humming away in the background. I find myself talking to it when it gets stuck and untangle … More


Period of Grace continues today and all through yesterday. Ease, being present, feeling relaxed and connected to the Force. Very … More


A long time in nature again, over tree trunks through abundant flowers and all around are layers upon layers of … More

Low stress

Want to go over this in more detail. So we had this harmonious few hours of complete clarity and grace … More

Allowing Happiness

It’s been a pretty marvellous day. Got N and we went to one of the parks and had a MacDonald’s … More

Dissecting a Thought

Slow motion living last couple of days has been beneficial. Cosied into the greenery of the river bank for a … More

Me and my state

Such a pleasant evening at my mum’s with Auntie and uncle and his wife and we even sang some old … More

Details of the Day

I suppose I’m writing here as I’m a bit perplexed by this energy state, walking to the loo is even … More

Into the Wilds

I decide to get out of the city and to go exploring, find some wild non human places. So 3 … More


Well the client said yes and the project is going ahead. So 4 months of work for the team and … More

Little Realisation

I just read “We learn from direct experience only” from Anon on Twitter. And realised that I have the best … More

Pigeon Pal

After all that fizzy excitement of intensive work focus yesterday and the day before I had a beautiful grounding walk … More

Decision Time!

So I rolled the cosmic dice and sent off the costing for the big project, not knowing whether it’s a … More


I had a realisation as I was driving. Funny how this just arrived on my lap as I was in … More

Mundane Matters

Intense mental and creative activity. Well at least my mind isn’t getting up to no good. No space to wander … More