Greeting Myself in the Morning

Good morning and warm greetings to you. Welcome to another day. I love you. I say to myself on awakening.

That just came spontaneously and it felt good. It has never occurred to me to warmly greet myself on waking, what a lovely way to start a day. That was at 6, now 8.30 at the kitchen table drinking tea. Feeling relaxed and appreciative. On day 2 of a headache and it’s a minor uncomfortable distraction.

-Gratitude for the dishwasher humming away in the back ground

-For the fire in front of me, and the warmth in the indoor air.

-For the love filled dog who is a continual joy, whose companionship I benefit from greatly.

-The indoor plants that enliven these rooms, the lighting cheering the place during the dark winter.

-The healthy delicious food that is widely available to help sustain this body. My own continuing good health. Having a body that works.

-In fact the sheer abundance all around of everything I need to support myself.

-The beautiful skilled and lovely men who work for me, who I respect highly.

I could go on. I touch into the joy and the well-being of this moment. I breathe.

Yesterday was great, in every way. Started with a confidence building therapy session with a client who is coming on in leaps and bounds with loving and respecting himself. Then a 4 hours in nature with Ewan who is my regular tuesday walking pal.

I have struggled with his company a little the last weeks and months. It has been jarring at times, not his usual calm awake wise self. Bit aggro. And yesterday he opened up about the vicarious trauma he is experiencing from working with very traumatised children from war zones as a teacher. Also since having covid only sleeping a few hours a night. He asked about how I have found him and I was honest. We talked it though, it was nice. Walked talked and sat and ate lentil soup outside. Enjoyed interacting with the public who love the dog and get conversations flowing.

Business is ticking along, had to put £6k of borrowed money in to help with squeeze in cash flow. HMRC bills have wrecked the cash flow. I would have a really nice little business if it weren’t for them wanting regular pounds of flesh. The men still have my car today so happily grounded. Had a business mentor meeting yesterday too, pretty unfruitful really, mostly my lack of questions to ask and disinterest.

Then had a therapy client in the evening. She was very low and distressed. I did a 10 minute grounding with the senses, relaxation and body scan with her and she was smiling after it. We talking it all through….just chumming her along as she gets used to putting new healthy habits in place of self compassion, noticing the inner critic, methods when the negative thoughts come a machine-gunning her and more. A mantra, so she is going to find one. And took her through the awareness of the breath too, another useful one for when ugh stream is activated.

I notice I am unable to take in much more information at the moment. I feel full up. Partly the headache, though information gorging might very well be caused by that.

So I have 2 therapy clients this morning then the afternoon, maybe in the park again….and then at 5 an hour floating in a sensory deprivation tank. will report back, should be interesting!

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