Non screen living

And here I am back on a screen after a very windy walk up the lane this morning, fresh and beautiful. I’d like to see those screen notifications going down a bit from – you have spent 10 hours a day….

Spent a few hours at the allotment yesterday, weeding, tidying, having a fire. I lit the paraffin lamp for some cosy ambience and heat, and did some stencilling on the walls. Fed the birds. Time outdoors in nature with no screens! Woohoo. Gratitude for this personal private space in the park.

‘A’ visited me and is a trans person. Only mentioning since it’s been a bit of a theme this month. Relaxed chit chat in my summerhouse eating sweeties for a couple of hours. He’s a gentle soul and easy company. We didn’t go deep, he’s very private and I’m completely fine with that. I sat contemplating and allowing creativity to get going about how I can make the place more beautiful.

Then I had a walk in the park with a counselling client whose life has come along in leaps and bounds. It was such a celebratory experience with her. Got the job of her dreams. What a contrast. After that I attended the Michael Singer book club. Went to it on Saturday too. A bunch of very lovely delightful souls full of depth and open sharing.

Not feeling much motivation business work wise. Back to doing the bare minimum. Just noting that. It’s nice to look back at previous gardens we have done. This is a during and after photo of one we did about 10 years ago, it’s pleasing to make places beautiful. The enthusiasm has been dampened by stress and not that much reward financially. How different I would feel if it gave a sense of exciting advancement into the material unknown and increased choice and mobility ? I love the sense of moving forward, expansion. The inner is the focus, the out reflects that.

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