A Different Today

Every day is so very different. It’s almost like a brand new life starting all over.

“How fabulous, happy and full of love will you allow life to be?” I am being asked today and every day.

That inner thermostat setting of ‘allowed’ love success and happiness wants to move up up up. The setting it has been on was decided long ago by others for me.

I have been gradually edging mine up year after year. It happens slowly. There’s kickback to deal with. Fear. It’s unknown territory. Surrender is required. Trust. There’s ‘do I deserve this much?’. Takes a while to work through all those. Abundance in, scarcity out.

A therapy client on zoom at 9.30am today. All about anger, as he was angry for me for being late due to technical reasons. That was interesting for me and him I think. I don’t like people being angry with me at all but this didn’t bother me, I felt detached. He’s a client and I didn’t take it personally nor did I feel responsible. I wonder if I will start detaching a bit in general from the responses of others…I think I’m doing so already actually. Which is useful as then I feel less responsible for how others are feeling.

Then out to get 2 of the men lunch as they are without transport. A nice chat about the work and life then off to see the second team half an hour drive away and the same a chat about work and life. Then shopping then to the park. A grey day walking up the river, bit of rain. And then came across a delight of a man with a fabulous camera. From the 1920s I think.

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