A Perfect Day

Sunshine and warmth and my morning non meditation meditations of listening to the Buddhist nun Samaneri Jayasara reading the deepest wisdom words in bed for hours….washed through me and over me. I bathed deeply in completely relaxing.

A morning therapy ‘walk and talk’ with a client in the park. It was a marvellous session where we talked in depth about learning to fall in love with ourselves and fully celebrate who we are.

Why not! WHY NOT! I say to myself. She really heard me and it was powerful for her and I. I am reminding myself about what is possible as I say these things out loud to my clients. And each time I say these topics out loud I get to refine and get to the very essence, and this is a great help to both of us. We went deep through the beautiful woods in the sunshine. Bathing in the perfection of the moment. We had only met on zoom before, it was our first meeting. And a powerful connection. I recognise her power and magnificence.

Something is going on with these clients. With me too. I watch myself and see how I know what to say. When not to speak too. I know what is going on with them mostly exactly and accurately and it’s so interesting to observe this in myself.

Then to my business client who gave the go ahead for the next project and I had a lovely pleasant time with them too. And I remember and note the fear of not getting that project the day before, my imaginary catastrophic outcomes of the men being out of work 😂 I’m being over dramatic but it’s not far off. Those pesky fears….let me put those to rest at an earlier stage, before they ruffle my feathers.

Then picked up my friend M and had another long walk through the trees and by the river, and was tired….then a delicious dinner at a local pub restaurant. Kale Tempura type of food. Amazing. And first time in a restaurant for 2 years so interesting to be around people indoors again and nice, chatty people. So that was over 6 miles yesterday and nearly 5 hours spent outdoors in nature. It was a good day.

The ingredients of a good day :

  • Feeling connected inside
  • Exercise
  • Being in nature
  • Helping someone
  • Being a best friend to ourselves
  • Some good company and deep chat
  • Healthy food
  • Breaking routine – doing something different
  • Sunshine

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