Monday Gratitude

Good morning, it’s a new week and it feels like the last week of summer. We are swiftly entering the new season with the drop in temperature, increased rain and changing colours.

I want to start this week with an awareness of the abundance that I enjoy in my life these days. Too often I plunge into discontentment when complaints run roughshod through my mind unchecked.

So here are a few things in my life I’m very thankful for.

  • My beautiful new dog who brings such love and fun and good company, and makes me exercise more
  • The robust health I continue to enjoy
  • A business that keeps 9 people employed and which supports us all financially. Thank you to the clients who want our services.
  • The opportunity to learn new skills and do a 2 year psychotherapy course starting next month
  • Pollok Park which I love and is near me. It brings daily nutrition, exercise and beauty to me
  • My lovable son who I greatly love and admire. He is so wise and insightful, disciplined and sensible, fun loving, and growing into himself so well. His good health.
  • All this near miraculous technology of the internet that connects me to the knowledge and wisdom of the whole world and through history. The phones iPad and computer which makes life so easy and smooth
  • The help and support available if I need some. I’ve benefitted greatly from having groups, coaches and a therapist this last year.
  • To all those out there helping the world in various ways
  • My courage to be more and more honest
  • For all the great people who are in my life, and for those who once were

That’s a few off the top of my head. I find I don’t want to leave this page at the moment. I feel safe here enjoying gratitude. There is a spacious quality to it, where my own personal rumination are a little speck, rather than a loud storyline.

I see my suffering in perspective when I’m I’m infused with thankfulness. I stand back from my suffering and see how I’m not alone with it, we share the human condition with everyone.

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