Bye Comfort Zone!

I started a new era yesterday. I’ve enrolled on a 2 year course training to become a psychotherapist.

I’m not expecting it to be easy to do this course and run a business with 10 employees!

And yet I want something different, deeper and more meaningful.

Yesterday was the first day. So I said bye to normal business activities and got the train into town and spent the day at the college. Omg it was tough. In so many ways, not least spending an entire day in a room full of people. I’m used to my own space. And it was great too. The company of others willing to go deeper.

The dog went to the dog sitter, but not before causing some separation anxiety wreckage, which my cleaner kindly cleaned up before I got back.

So today is day 2 and again I’m going tomorrow. The content of them course is a beautiful balance between theory and practise.

The practice yesterday was very challenging. We each had to speak for 10 minutes in for the of another while being observed by others. And talk about something personal. And we took turns listening too. While listening we had to sit perfectly still, no uh huhs or nods even or smiles.

The idea was to feel into creating a space for another to talk. Was so so hard!

As well as assignments and essays, we have to get a work placement and volunteer for a couple of hours a week. And also we have to engage a therapist of our choice for the duration too. So back into therapy for me !

Quite happy about all that.

Right now I’m getting ready to drop the dog off then take the train. Feelings arising about last night…I feel guilt that I went next door and binged on food my body doesn’t need. Feeling bloated now, and not happy about that. I need to learn to say no more!

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