What is Working?

“My brow is fairly in the gutter” my poetic friend told me.

I don’t think he is alone, it’s a tough tough time for many of us, me included. These last couple of weeks I have felt the resilience muscles, which I was working so hard at regularly every day, weakening.

With so much not going right in the world, I can forget about appreciation and gratitude for what I have and that a lot is working and going well. Pummelled by messages of fear from the media, a well honed tendency to spot what is wrong, what is a threat…..Time for a list! What is working, what am I thankful about and grateful for? Small and large, though none are small really. I am reminded of how well supported I am by life.

  • The iPad and the internet that works every day and for taking me on so many journeys of entertainment, knowledge and inspiration
  • My loving beautiful healthy dog Elsa
  • Clean water
  • A loving, fun and enjoyable relationship with my son
  • This comfy chair I’m sitting on and a nice big table to sit at
  • These fingers I’m typing with that work so amazingly well
  • I can listen to nearly any music I want in every room, in the car, out walking
  • The central heating and a warm dry house
  • Having light at the press of a switch, what a miracle that is
  • The dishwasher, the fridge, the washing machine
  • Instant hot water coming out the tap and shower
  • A fresh new day arriving every morning
  • Love, unity, togetherness, oneness
  • Enough money for what I need
  • An abundant choice of food from all over the world and a huge choice of shops
  • A beautiful big park nearby
  • Easy parking outside and a car that works and takes me where I want to go easily
  • Friendly neighbours
  • I got a present of a new book that I’m enjoying and learning from
  • My interesting and kind family and friends
  • My beautiful phone
  • Deep roving conversations
  • Feet that support me when I’m standing
  • A view of trees out the windows
  • Living in a safe country
  • The comfy clothes I’m wearing
  • This delicious cup of tea
  • My positive qualities
  • Friendly strangers and enjoyable little interactions with them
  • Beautiful changing nature all around
  • A business that supports 6 of us
  • My calculator
  • Amazon – what an excellent service
  • Being able to talk to and see people with Zoom
  • Having long nails after 50 years of biting them and feeling ashamed of them
  • The continual opportunity to grow and learn and expand
  • Scientists for pushing into new territory and unfolding our understanding
  • People who are helping others, the mothers, fathers, caregivers, nurses, doctors…
  • The people who look after the park, empty the bins, clean the street, process the sewage, fix the roads
  • My beautiful blue bowls that I enjoy using every day
  • Counselling clients who give me more meaning to life and the opportunity to feel useful
  • The convenience of having a bank account online
  • The vacuum cleaner
  • The luscious voice of Karen Carpenter on right now

Also there are really bad things that are not happening that I’m grateful for

  • I’m not in pain
  • I’m not experiencing disharmony with anyone
  • It’s not raining right now
  • I am not paralysed
  • I don’t have a lethal disease
  • I’m not freezing cold
  • I’m not hungry
  • No one is harming me
  • I’m not in prison
  • I’m not in poverty
  • I have not been abandoned
  • I don’t have to look for a phone box to make a call outside the house
  • I’m not in danger

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