Allowing Happiness

It’s been a pretty marvellous day. Got N and we went to one of the parks and had a MacDonald’s breakfast on a park bench in the morning sunshine with coffee. Then I showed him a favourite slightly secret spot I often go which he loved.

Happiness has arrived and I found myself saying out loud that this is enlightenment and here for us all the time, and any time we wish to let our guardedness down it’s always here.

Then another coffee and sit and such depth of conversation.

Talked of how happiness increasing can be a threat to those of us for whom vigilance has kept us safe, or so we mistakenly thought.

Perhaps one day long ago as children, we remained on high alert for any danger. It’s not been useful for a long time now though if it even ever way. Still, the primitive mind is powerful and trigger happy….has to be soothed and seduced into relaxing into allowing joyfulness bit by bit. Through surrender and trusting life and love and self nurturing compassion.

Saw a lot of miracles today in the park which coincided well with the depth of conversation and sharing.

Then to see the men who were all on good form, and nice to share what we do with N. It was enjoyable to chat over the job and challenges and to watch as they skilfully deconstructed the walls.

A challenge to allow more happiness, how about that.

Can just hear my some say “First world problems mum!”

Pics from the walk

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