Dissecting a Thought

Slow motion living last couple of days has been beneficial. Cosied into the greenery of the river bank for a spell on the walk yesterday. And just enjoyed the sensory experience of nature all around.

Had pumpkin soup, fed the new crow pal, sat for ages just enjoying people watching and a little light friendly interaction.

Not many thoughts coming, though I did notice one in particular. You know how we can find ourselves rehearsing what we might say to people a little in advance sometimes…..

The guy with the 5 retriever dogs was still on the bank an hour later on my way back up the river, and the thought occurred to say to him “Are you still here?!

The thought caught my attention as it’s not a neutral one. I was planning on making a statement that I didn’t want him there taking up so much space with his 5 big dogs. I already had a judgement thought about his sanity even choosing to have 5 big dogs weeks before when I saw him. He was being loud too training them in the most public of spaces, giving constant orders. My inner Judge Judy would rather he wasn’t there and it was a peaceful space.

And that’s okay if my mind comes up with some preference or other, it does it all the time. Likes this, it’s not keen on that etc. It likes sorting through experiencing like this. I suppose I noticed it as I could have acted on it and made him feel unwelcome perhaps, and on purpose.

Obviously I didn’t, that level of hostility doesn’t make it out loud mostly. I find it interesting to dissect though.

Today I’m getting N from his garage and then not sure what. Got a lot of freedom all of a sudden from worry and doubt since my finances are sorting themselves out. What will I do with this opportunity?


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