Allowing Joy

Theme for this week it appears. I’m seeing myself strangle the happy wavelength, not so much out of fear now, more just the habit of being in a permanent state of internal struggle. With a brain that is on duty much of the time trying to predict the future, in an attempt to avoid pain or danger.

The effect this future orientation is to remove my attention from the present. And this is where I live. Right now. All the time. And which I often ignore as I get caught up in thoughts. The only real purpose of which that I can see, is to solve problems. If there aren’t any problems it seem to try and find them. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

So in the park and woodlands and sitting by the river I catch myself lost in my head thinking about something completely irrelevant and non urgent. Instead I could be present and savouring the beauty and joy with gratitude. How to come back to the present?

Breathing from low down in the body

Bringing the attention to what is being experienced by the senses, smells, sounds, touch….

I use the notice and drop technique over and over.

If I’m really caught up I use a mantra so there’s no room for my mind to wander, the Gayatri prayer is my go-to one.

Today I have a new therapy client shortly and then a walk with my friend P. Then maybe a swim. Been organising lights and the electrician for the current job this morning. Doing the payroll. And playing with my new AI art generating toy.

So I put in a few more words, like spiritual awakening, and here’s a few. Quite incredible really.

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