A Perfect Day

Lovely long sleep and a headache that was threatening yesterday is here this morning. This reminds me of some of the examples Gay Hendricks gives in his excellent book “The Big Leap”. He talks of people he knows who seem to manifest ailments, accidents and aches pains right at points of realisations or points when life is getting better for them. I’m taking note of that. He calls it the upper limit problem. We sabotage ourselves when we reach the inner thermostat setting we were given as children. The attraction of familiarity.

I’m having longer periods of savouring how good life is. And even just writing that previous sentence there, I stuttered and rewrote it a few times. I’m not used to talking about how great life is. The more the ‘self’ dissolves the happier I become. Funny to say that when this diary is all about me and my struggles and breakthroughs and is so very ‘self’ referential.

And that’s okay. Many paradoxes abound, more and more it seems. This morning a therapy client. It was tricky, I have no idea how to show him his current trajectory has led him to misery and worse lies ahead of he does not reconsider. It’s a big jump for some to embrace themselves fully with love and acceptance. To allow more happiness in. We can get so used to those well worn neural pathways of struggle if that has been the norm.

Then dropped the dog at the groomer, did some business work. Quite enjoyable. Then the park in the sunshine, to the field and lay in grass in the sunshine with the dog for a while. Some soup and a flapjack for lunch and dropped the dog off. Then a wonderful swim, longer one today, building up gradually. A sit in the jacuzzi, then a shower, some shopping and now back here. Just perfect. What a beautiful day.

More AI generated art. I typed in ‘Tibetan Buddhists praying water monastery’ and out comes these. It’s astonishing.

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