Ease of being the last while. Not wanting much I notice and that seems to be a secret of well-being. The way things are is fine. Experiencing everything as if you chose it yourself. When there’s resistance to what is happening or I want something different from what is occurring, distress occurs. aware it is easy not to feel resistance when stress and anxiety isn’t high.

I’m observing quietly the response to this smoothness. I’m in territory well beyond my previous inner thermostat setting. A setting that determines how much love, joy, success, harmony we allow into our lives. It has been a journey for me, one I’m still on, to accept that I’m safe when I’m at peace.

That I can relax, allow harmony, well-being, success. That it’s okay to be at ease, and live to celebrate life in each and every moment, appreciate it, welcome it. Savour it. Accepting myself fully in the process. Not being afraid to look at absolutely everything, under every stone, the good the powerful, and the damage I often hid from. I thought I was unable to look. But what a freedom.

A new client yesterday. I’m hearing about awful childhood treatment from some clients recently. Such cruelty. And now they struggle a lot with feeling lovable and good enough. That’s what happened when a child is mistreated, they conclude it is their fault. They are incapable of blaming the parents who are like gods to them when young especially. So they walk through life with coping mechanisms, to try to live feeling so very deficient. Those protective defence mechanisms break down eventually often and they look for a new way, the old way is not working any more.

So how to best reacquaint them with the actual truth is my job. That they are lovable and good enough. I know they are, and they need some convincing though. Not an overnight process, the sense of deficiency has become a well worn neural pathway. But the truth sits there waiting regardless of what we believe. They are magnificent powerful beautiful loving and lovable evolving beings. We all are.

I have submerged myself in a ‘relationship’ with this AI art generator, asking it more and more obscure things, all about enlightenment, spirituality, shambhala, to see what it comes out with. I’m loving it.


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