No Anxiety

An anxiety free last few days, and a welcome opportunity to experience life without that fear lense colouring my perception.

Experiencing life with little to no fear. Simple calmness right now. It’s interesting to notice the absence of thoughts suggesting threats waiting in the future. Not many thoughts of anything actually filling my head. I wonder if thoughts only come when there’s a problem perceived that the mind thinks it has to solve. A tremendous spaciousness has been left.

An increased sense of freedom in the sense that anything could happen. Things I might otherwise not allow as they gave me anxiety. A sense that life is free to unfold in a new way. In whatever way it does and that I can handle it. So interesting.

Space to hear other promptings perhaps.

Remembering to breathe from low down in the body. Not to counteract anxiety this time, but because it is what the body and nervous system wants and I hear it.

Dinner at my friend’s house last night, G and M – such delicious food. She is Singaporean so strong Chinese influence. One dish reminds me of the momos from northern India that I loved so much.

Conversation was wide reaching and deep and some chit chat too. All with the church service beautiful music in the background quietly, for the death of the queen. I’m with Russell Brand on this subject, here’s his YouTube commentary.

This morning my friend P is coming over to do the Meyers Briggs test. The sky is blue. The washing has been done and hung outside.

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