Off to a Wedding

Woke first relaxed fell asleep then woke again in horrible anxiety, no discernible reason. I breathed and said the Gayatri over and over which helped.

Getting ready to go to this wedding this morning, clothes, nails, hair. T saying I have an appropriate outfit for another planet! Oh dear. Leaving in an hour to go to the country house where it’s being held. My 71 year dear old uncle getting married for the first time 🙂 lots of family will be there, sister, cousins….leaving the dog with my friend N.

Last night T and I dug out the first stage of my new wildlife pond at the garden allotment. Very happy to have a man’s muscle support for that and the company too. Loving his company. We went to the river edge and pulled out some invasive Himalayan Balsam and had a lot of fun with that. After we stopped by for a drink at the local pub which I’ve not done in the 3 years I’ve lived here. Also enjoyable with much depth of conversation. I actually drank half a pint of cider and felt the effect, it’s been so long.

There was a walk too yesterday just the dog and I in the woods. A sit under an old oak tree, wind was raging around high up but peaceful down at ground level in the trees. And some flower adoration.

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