Not much to Say

Yesterday I had very low expectations of the day. Pretty much a forget everything, deal with the headache and just get through the day, kind of day. And interestingly it turned out to be pretty heavenly… that because of the low expectations I wonder?

I made my way to the woods over the lane. It was just exactly the right medicine, and I ended up meandering in the park for over 3 hours and had 5 miles of wondering around, very slowly exploring, sitting, happy, feeling grateful, taking photos, chatting to people, having lunch outside…and a visit to a newly reopened modern museum which sits right in the middle of the park.

I lay down in the field at the edge of the woods, tucked into the folds of the hill and stayed there like that for a long time with the dog beside me. So happy just to hang out together outside.

The whole time I had Michael Singer’s new book on audiobook on my headphones. I am feeling very committed right now to forging through the resistances and blockages. He is such a help, the perfect mix of a strict and an understanding teacher.

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