Today I am grateful for….

  • The sun shining
  • This cup of tea
  • I have no physical pain
  • enough money to pay my staff and suppliers
  • 2 very nice clients
  • Having a son I really love, like and respect
  • A flat that is beautiful and keeps me safe and warm
  • lots of new business arriving
  • A gorgeous happy loving dog
  • Quiet neighbours
  • The double glazing
  • This lovely oak table
  • My new lipstick
  • A second date tomorrow with a potential new partner
  • All this amazing technology around me making life so easy
  • A very comfy seat I’m sitting on
  • Friends who are great company
  • The lovely meal that was cooked for me last night
  • My houseplants
  • The car
  • The lovely cleaner and that I can afford to have one
  • Music
  • Trees and flowers
  • That I manage to get through each day and achieve a few things and maintain what needs to be maintained
  • For this blog place where I can express my thoughts and feelings
  • That I’m comfy
  • For my mum who often sends me little texts asking how I am doing
  • My therapist! It’s been great being chummed along and getting to explore cbt on the receiving end
  • The parks, I have been to 2 already today!
  • My placement who give me the opportunity to practise on people. And of course those lovely people who I do my best to help
  • That I have a friend to walk with later today

That’s all for now! Hope you all have a good day xxx

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