Good Facts for Building Resilience

Writing a list of ‘good facts’ is a helpful way of reminding myself that there’s a lot of positive things going on in my life. This helps me to build and maintain resilience through more stressful times.

The great thing about a good fact list is that these are undebatable, they are facts, not hopes or opinions, they are actually happening.

They can be very small or highly significant, and we all have loads of them I’ve discovered.

They help balance the innate negativity balance of the brain that is programmed to look for threats. And my goodness are we not bombarded by negative news these days! So I need all the tools I can find to restore and maintain balance inside. To remember that many positive things are going on right now.

  • My son is coming back for a week soon, and it’s giving me something to look forward to. I have a good close relationship with him.
  • My dog is adorable good company, healthy, well behaved and gets me out in nature in all weather
  • The work is pouring in, keeping myself and the guys afloat with an income
  • I have a delicious cup of warm tea ready to drink in front of me
  • There’s an interesting audiobook playing at the moment
  • The temperature in this room is perfect
  • This flat is very quiet and so are the neighbours
  • I can listen to nearly any music I wish at this moment
  • The robotvac has just cleaned the house and it’s lovely and clean
  • I have the internet which connects me to the world which is such a joy when I feel lonely
  • Friends and family are well and healthy
  • I have friends whose company I really enjoy and enjoy reciprocal benefits of learning, connection and affection with
  • I have a wonderful dog walker who takes her for 6 hours a day when I’m busy
  • I have a lovely new client and in fact a run of good clients recently which increases my optimism and heals some of the wounds from previous negative experiences
  • I have the freedom to have a lie down and a rest when I’m tired during the day
  • I have a talent as a designer and enjoy creating beauty for people and myself
  • I am acclimatising myself to a happier state and allowing it more
  • The flowers are beautiful out in the park just now
  • I benefited from mindful walking this morning

Overall I have had a positive week, and my mood has been stable and optimistic. I have taken steps to address a major stressor – money – and this has successfully reduced my underlying daily level of anxiety. My head is back above the water and I’m building on that to cheer myself up and change the habit of stressful thoughts.

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