Sunday Gratitude List

It is raining and grey outside, and metaphorically inside too this morning. Time to remind myself what I have to be grateful for.

  1. My continuing good health. I haven’t even had a cold for about 5 or 6 years. I’m enjoying increasing looking after my health.
  2. Loving having my new dog. I am now motivated to go for regular walks in nature which has a very positive effect on me. So twice a day I’m out there by the river, across fields, through woodlands, up country lanes, exploring and marvelling. Thank you for moments of belonging and connectedness. There is much love too from and to the dog, we really love each other and that feels so good for my heart, to give and receive love on an almost hourly basis
  3. Thanks to my business for supporting me. Thanks to the staff, to the clients, the suppliers and to myself too for my perseverance through the many tough times.
  4. Thank you to T, that brightly shining light in my life. Thanks for the healthy loving relationship we enjoy, the mutual respect and admiration too. Best thing that every happened to me was having that baby.
  5. Thanks to my strength for carrying me. Life has felt tough these last years. Diminishing amount of friends as I let them go and grow into new territory. The loneliness has been intense at times. Thank you to my willingness and humility to seek help when I have needed it.
  6. Thank you to my courage for being willing to face myself the positive and negative. At times, like now, when facing the deeper levels of reality, I have wobbled and wavered and got caught up in emotions and forgotten that I am larger than these feelings.
  7. Thank you to the help that is all around me. The numerous books that have reminded me of what is true when I have lost myself. That have helped me climb back to balance. Thank you to the therapists coaches and teachers around me too. And thankful I am to have the resources to afford them. I’m grateful to be born in a wealthy country where it is relatively easy to get a good education and earn money.
  8. Thank you for the opportunity to find and rest in something larger than my transitory feelings and thoughts, the option of not identifying with them all. Experiencing it all and yet knowing that peace is present all the time, when I remember to settle in it.
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