Carried along by Events

Guys have been paid and the heating boiler hums away. Bit of clearance of the air after that foray into the past yesterday. Life brought a channel change with variety of activity and company and I saw two therapy clients which was followed by a visit to the new site and a chat there about the project, then a very long walk with my uncle with his wife. Which was delightful.

Then a few hours back at his outside. Showed me the sword he is restoring in his workshop, we looked at old ordinance survey maps of his area….love these whole afternoons spent outdoors. Enjoying his company, his being ness and presence. Then picked up M and G and we had dinner at the local pub where a lovely guy we know was playing his guitar. He joined us after the gig. All really pleasant. And even a discussion about us all being ‘believers’ at the table. Hard to get any depth in these situations, a pub, alcohol, but it felt good to even touch on that and affirm it to this young man who also talked of him being the only one in his age group.

Today it all starts up again shortly with two therapy clients and then a visit to site, a visit to a friend’s mum with food, and then probably the park. gosh, talking about U as if she isn’t there. She is still here but only partly. Dementia has removed her. It’s an odd gradual withdrawing.

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