Smoothness in the Present

Alert presence moment to moment then broken by thought wandering, then returning to being present. Over and over and over, this is the experience and practice.

A diet of wise input supporting the staying on track with frequent reminders as well as reassurance to the parts that still shrink away from surrendering to love.

The ‘ah but’ and ‘wait wait, not so fast’ parts. The unfathomable depths of who we are is just a total anathema to those parts.

It’s so so simple, and to discover that all those thoughts are not required and not necessary.

Awoke having such beautiful harmonious dreams this morning, without any sense of fear, and few thoughts….what a lovely treat. I remained and remained and allowed and flowed with it, then noticed a part getting a bit unnerved with the free floating flowing nature of fearless beingness and I said hello and it didn’t interrupt.

The habit of thought to look for threats was there and wanting to run but there was no emotional fuel for it to be propelled by in the form of fear. It’s interesting to observe how these two aspects interact.

When I’m experiencing anxiety and fear, the thoughts are supercharged by the emotions and rampage around looking for threatening situations and problems. When anxiety is low or not present the fuel isn’t there. The thoughts might arise but they dwindle from lack of attention.

My friend R sent me a video, kind of a dystopian thing and also with a strong spiritual message of renewal too. The phrase ‘Fire of Truth at the heart of suffering’ was prominent in it and I used it as a prompt. Couple of the results here. So interesting to see what emerges from Midjourney on these more esoteric prompts.

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