New Behaviours Emerging!

After the last post on boredom I went to the park with the dog and wondered amid the flowers, the river, the trees and rain and sun. I want to talk a little about the new behaviours I have noticed that have started happening over the last wee while. It is a bit of a contrast to the boredom subject and it rounds out the picture of this awakening experience a little more. I have been behaving in the most free spontaneous way, like a little kid.

On the way back we passed through the parterre, which is a terrace of low hedges arranged a bit like a maze. The dog loves it and used to play hide and seek with T when he was a boy there. I found myself running in and hiding from her and running away when she saw me then playing a game of hide and seek with her. I found myself doing this the other day too with her and I was giggling and smiling like a maniac while being chased. It was actually a tiny bit thrilling being hunted by a big German Shepherd, even if it is just my lovely Kalinka.

Then there has been some serious dancing happening regularly during the day here. I have felt ‘taken’ by the music and find myself getting up and moving in whichever way my body wants to…grooving, making shapes with my arms and hands, just simply doing anything and everything that my body feels prompted to do. Feels wonderfully free.

And it is happening generally too. I notice that I do and say whatever comes to me without feeling self conscious or embarrassed…just confidently free in nearly everything I do. With clients, with the employees, friends.

I have always been visually sensitive to beauty but it is now far more intense. I have noticed these last weeks and months that I am sent into seventh heaven watching something as simple as bubbles flow down the river, I feel ecstatic hearing the birdsong in the morning, seeing the spring leaves emerging from the twigs, and my heart swoons when I look at the newly opened flowers or the patina of age on the old brick and stonework.

So I wonder with curiosity how this will develop.

016what will emerge next?!


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