Slow Motion

I am discovering the joys of going into slow motion for short periods each day. It is an access door, … More


After that marvellous breakthrough, then came the self sabotage last night. Yesterday I was still highly enjoying an anxiety free, … More

City escape

Last night I heard my neighbour downstairs was having a party. I knew I wasn’t going to sit here getting … More

This Process

Of learning to be, in spacious open awareness has a kick back. And it is an intrinsic part of the … More

Disappearing Self…

This is another familiar aspect of life I have been saying a goodbye to. Bye bye to my familiar identity and personality. … More

Wednesday Gratitude

Dawn this morning. I am feeling lucky, blessed and fortunate this week in particular. I have had the luxury of … More

Awake in the Night

Sometimes when anxiety has taken hold and my mind is busy I have to take steps to get some help … More

Always at Home

I am, whether I realise it or not, always home.  I often do not take the time to wean myself … More

Relinquishing control

I am still feeling low. But once I reached a tipping point in how much I could cope with, and … More


and grappling with such unexpectedly strong feelings as they surge up in response to this week’s vote in the US. Shock, horror, … More

Being with Success

I am learning to be with success. I feel like a child entering a new world for the first time. … More

Resisting the present

Swimming along this morning, I had done about 15 lengths before I realised that I was not actually fully in … More

Being with experiences

I found it overwhelming at first, and still do at times, to simply just ‘be’ with what is occurring. This … More

Resting with it all

Being unavailable for a little while regularly is another of my routine practices of self care these days. So today at … More