Decision Time!

So I rolled the cosmic dice and sent off the costing for the big project, not knowing whether it’s a freak out or fine to her, a yes or a no to me. damn exciting!

I feel remarkably calm and confident that I can handle whatever the answer is. I might feel sad if it’s a no for a bit, though will collect my marbles and be fully at peace with whatever the Force decides. The lesson I need will be presented, I fully trust the divine cosmic wisdom of the choreography. Whew. Inside is high high energy, time for a grounding walk in nature.

We start work next week is the likely and preferred outcome, let’s see. It’s quite a prize, 16 weeks at least of turnover and work for the men…and then I drop my desire and make peace with whatever the answer is.

Willingness and openness to taking the pain, what a magic formula that is. Even the noises upstairs rarely bother me at the moment. Not wearing earplugs at night now. And it’s a cacophony up and down the hall all day. Why would I get annoyed at old and disabled people struggling with their mobility. Again it’s divine choreography, helping me get over old annoyance triggers. Amazing.

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