When I forget…

And I so often do, many times a day, especially when I am tired or have a deadline and feel a bit stressed. A thought will come in and the next thing I know I am lost in a story that I am elaborating, one thought giving birth to another and another…this stimulates feelings. I find myself often in a state of emotional response to something that is taking place entirely in my head.  This happens while I am having a shower, making a cup of tea or having a swim, a walk, a pee, can be almost anytime.

These days, I like feeling calm. I have made friends with stability and inner peace, and so when this happens I recognise it has happened often because my feelings are perturbed in some way, sad, angry, scared or joyful too.

The momentum of being lost in thought can be interrupted easily though by taking many short moments throughout the day to arrive back in the present. We can disrupt the hypnotic attraction of our internal dialogue by breathing and coming back into our bodies. I feel my feet on the ground, how do they feel? I feel my weight supported by this chair, the finger tips lightly touching the keys, the music playing. The senses are a great doorway back to the present.

There is no need for spending hours on a meditation cushion, there is no need to try and change ourselves, improve or better ourselves. When we get the knack of being the ocean instead of identifying each individual wave we can rest deeply into our beingness. The thoughts come like waves do, and they disappear again just like waves. We remain as we have always been, steady, stable and well.

We can just rest with what is happening right this minute. That is all we ever have.


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