Into the Now

This is all there is’ and ‘this is it’ have been resounding this morning as I find myself somehow sort of semi rushing to get the shower over with though there’s nothing I have to do or any time constraint.

Why do that? This is my life right now in this very second. There’s no other better life to get to. It’s perhaps the speedy pace of city life we have become used to.

Just slowing down has been in my top 10 tools. Even walking outside I catch myself going faster than necessary and missing the passing scenes. Rushing to get to what and where?

This is not a rehearsal, this is it.

I can choose to enjoy the pages as each one unfolds in front of me, or I can tear the pages, crumple them up, rubbish them in a headlong rush to find something better than this.

This is it. The ordinariness of it all. Relax into that and the miracle of it all comes shining out to play so I have discovered to my delight. You start to notice things previously glanced over. To be there in a state of wonder for each single second.

Even just for a while before the mind tugs into what it considers more important things like the future or a past conversation to go over. No thanks mind, I’ll just come back using the senses to this present moment. Where it all happens right now this very second.

Yes, it can be slightly or very scary. How strange is that. We are so used to buffering and filtering our experiences through the conceptual mind and living through the mind in our thoughts, the future and the past, We have become wary of the intensity of the sensation of the present moment, and yet it’s all there ever is. Now. We can be kind towards ourselves and our predicament as human beings.

I embrace the now in this moment. I feel the tips of my fingers as I type on the iPad keyboard. I hear the robovac, feel the weight of the body on the seat and the floor through my feet.

I take the dog out. I use the senses to notice. Notice the flowers, the smells, the weight of the body walking along, the textures under foot.

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