Feel like a Chat

Solitary day. A therapy client, then a walk to the allotment in the beautiful sunshine where is stayed for over and hour, planting and weeding, and sitting and being, listening and watching and this stillness is here. I’m adjusting to it.

Relaxing and deeper relaxing…not that easy to relax this much for me and yet it is the only thing to do. It’s what the body wants, and even the mind isn’t objecting too much at all.

Walked back over and did some work setting up both new designs ready to start. Noticeable lack of interest in being online reading or watching anything. So back outside in the sunshine and I sat with 2 neighbours for a while soaking up the heat and light with the dog.

One of the old neighbours upstairs was wheeled away in an ambulance as I sat there. Change is happening. The housing officer told me they have been preventing the workmen from carrying out the carpeting, sound proofing and repairs to their floorboards or it would have been done by now. They had to get a support team in to persuade them. Jeezo. I guess the Force wanted me to have a prolonged lesson haha. Oh well. I have and will keep attracting this type of noise situation till I deal with it properly inside.

Managed to eat something. Went healthy food shopping, mostly fruit. Still drinking mint tea. Got a therapy client shortly. Very relaxed and very tired on the sofa.

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