Moments of Grace…

Washing machine a-spinning, cars a-wooshing past, heating boiler a-humming….and I sit here at the kitchen table feeling the weight of the body on the seat, feet on floor….tasty cup of tea. Dog has been walked and I have a time window before I speak to a new therapy client on Zoom.

Feeling fresh after a fantastic sleep. Earplugs do the job. That noise above, well today I’ve had a touch of irritation, and what’s that…’s resistance to what is. It just is, what is. There’s no shoulds or shouldn’ts about it. And the irritation just is too, and allowed. Let’s not indulge or increase it with thought about why it shouldn’t be happening when it is though. It burns doing that. Compassion is better, and a more appropriate response. There’s room for all feeling responses, the irritation can have its corner too. The disabled son is trying his best to help his ailing elderly parents and their reduced mobility.

Right now it’s silence from above. Appreciate it. And all this noise, well it’s what has been manifested for my benefit, why resist a lesson….

Today a likely visit to the allotment garden to put in these plants. And pack for the little 2 night trip up the west coast, which I feel practically indifferent about…..that’s okay. Kind of an experiment. See how this state is in another environment without my usual comfort props around. Glad to be having a 2 hours drive through wild countryside.

Yesterday was quite beautiful, like a pleasant painting. A therapy client first thing yesterday then to see the men on site and a fun chat and work update. They have been progressing in leaps and bounds. Then to the plant nursery where Elsa and I wondered around choosing allotment plants and eating delicious food treats. Then to the park for a short walk and mostly a sit cuddled into the river bank where Elsa got a cooling dip. The crow followed me again, so warming. Then N arrived at the river and we went for tea. And a quiet time. That was the day, simple and easy. Savouring that conversation with T still, just that he is thinking of the nature of self brings me quite a lot of joy.

I am regularly being aware of my breathing, putting a soothing hand on the chest and sending kindness, using the senses to be present…what is being felt, seen, heard….

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