Period of Grace continues today and all through yesterday. Ease, being present, feeling relaxed and connected to the Force. Very little complaining arising. A bit though, got a touch complainy about one friend, felt guilt after. Having relationships I don’t really want – then I complain. Noticed. Also notice for a while that I do seem oddly and sharply critical of friends at times. To be investigated.

Lot of warm birthday messages from family friends and calls too. Kind of nice….all nice and friendly. Cards too through the post which is unusual. I have them on a shelf and enjoy bathing in the positive vibes of love. What an effort to go to, actually send a card with a stamps through the post! Appreciated.

Front window of the primary school. What a mighty beauty. It was a state primary school a convent and run by nuns.

After my mum’s it was a home made ice cream, then to my old primary school for a walk around. Absorbing the deep connection to the place, such a beautiful small estate with a grand house. Sat outside on a bench for half an hour. Had some time before the counselling client.

That was an hour walking in the park and sitting chatting. A young women who has had immense challenges to deal with in life and still does. Strong bold and confident articulate. A large prominent facial disfigurement even after a dozen operations since childhood, a quarter of her brain removed, dyslexia several other learning difficulties, IQ of 185, (e.g. can’t do her own shopping) several other conditions including low eyesight, and now a continual headache. She is waiting for some social care to be put in place, it all went with the lockdowns and she was left. Has good family relationships though. I’m so out of my depth if that’s the right way of putting it. What must that be like I have no idea. So this is our third meeting and I’m getting to know her and she is revealing more as she trusts me a little. She talks of the hostility she has had and still gets even from adults, and how that has effected her ability to trust and make friendships. She’s lonely. And angry. I don’t bury in deeply at all. We just chat and I mostly listen. She loves the dog and pats her a lot. We stop and chat to other walkers here and there, she likes the company of being out socialising I think. Just carry on.

Then back here and a rest. Then a friend arrived with flowers she has potted for me in a nice pot and card. Then my Wednesday night book club which was fabulous. Like, really fabulous. A deepest level of sharing of vulnerability and strengths and insights and wisdom. Our own power much more than trebled.

Athanor is a word which came to me this morning reading some channelled material. What a word. The Hebrew word for furnace, a slow burning fire in alchemy … the refining process of the dark night of the soul. Transformation. I did some Midjourney art prompts on it.

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