Me and my state

Such a pleasant evening at my mum’s with Auntie and uncle and his wife and we even sang some old hymns together. I’m still so exhausted. Got up at 10am, only because I have an appointment at 11. Slept between the sofa and bed, was better. Might be less noisy in the living room on the sofa I discovered. It’s like some sort of fatigue has descended on me.

I’m going to use this as an impetus to make some changes.

– Less sugar, so fewer sweets and cakes.

– Reduce the caffeine, no more red bull and will get decaffeinated tea bags.

– Drink more waterinstead of continuous tea drinking all day

– Eat more fruit and vegetables. Eating has become unhealthy. For example, I can eat just macaroni cooked with nothing in it, practically dead calories.

– take vitamins

On the Fitbit the heart rate has gone unusually high the last few days and the HRV has gone unusually low. It shows I’m not imagining this.

What I’m seeing is perhaps the result of me wanting too many treats and little rewards. There’s something about needing these little dopamine hits.

The only other thing that’s changed is I started taking Lions Mane 3 days ago. Might leave that out.

I’m not concerned, more curious what’s going on. Will take it easy today, short walk and find some place quite to earth myself and curl up in the field for a while.

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