Details of the Day

I suppose I’m writing here as I’m a bit perplexed by this energy state, walking to the loo is even hard right now, and everything is an extra effort.

Managed to get through the therapy session no problem, that’s energising….and we agreed on going down to every 3 weeks as she is so much better now. This client has done so so well. Actually put healthy habits into practice and now they are almost second nature, sustaining a relative calm and enjoyment. Recognised and lessened her self attacks, practiced including today in front of me, being appreciative and complimentary towards herself. Acknowledging her strengths, being self compassionate. Breathing properly from low down. Basically got on her own side. Lovely to see, heart warming.

Then to see the new garden client, nice job and that design will go ahead. That’s 2 new ones this week, work potentially lined up for construction over autumn and winter 🙂 I think I may have stopped torturing myself with having no work lined up, and instead waiting till the very last minute. Let’s not keep doing that! I’ve got another new design client to see tomorrow too. These are all clients who value good design, it’s a relative pleasure to provide that.

Then to a snagging item in Lenzie. I came up with a plan to do the work, we both acknowledged none of us could have known about the high water table so no fault. Except I’m still expected to fix it for free. Interesting. Won’t be thousands. I could just take that pain, a few hundred and add it to my karmic bank account. That might even be in credit with the amount of other people’s dog poo I’ve been collecting and disposing of recently lol.

Then to the shops for dog treats and drinks, super hot today….22 degrees. Gave the dog a dip in the river to cool down. Then to the allotment where I just lay back on the easy chair in the sun. It was hard to even walk, sore and exhausted. Did a few little jobs. Happy dog.

Tonight I pick up my auntie Bridie shortly and we go to my mums for an early birthday dinner with also C and L. Am I’m just doing too much? Need day doing nothing. I do feel exhausted.

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