Wise Quote from Marvin Keilbach

“The best entry point for deep inner work and realization:

The experience you’re having right now.

This sound, these colors, those body sensations… Pick anything that you’re conscious of and look at it existentially.

What is it if you don’t add anything to it? The more clarity you bring into this, the more you will see that you add a ton of mental interpretations onto anything you experience. It’s almost as if you ONLY experience these interpretations, because the raw experience is drowned in endless mental fabrications.

Look beyond the fabrications into the core of ANY experience you’re having. You don’t need any certain type of experience to do this. In fact, as long as you think that truth is found anywhere other than here, it’s hopeless. That’s another addition of your mind.

Subtract everything you can. See your experience for what it actually is existentially, fundamentally. Relax into it.

What you will find is that each sense gate, each experience, each moment, holds infinity.

Start here. Start with whatever you’re handed. And look into it! Start wondering. Let it be as it is. Try to see to the ground of it.

You can do this for psychological work – start with whatever emotion or thought you have and see what its root is. Let yourself be guided by simply looking at it.

Or you do this to explore the Absolute nature of existence, of you, of anything. Just lean into whatever your experience is. No matter how clear or unclear, how intense or boring, how pleasant or painful, THIS experience you’re having right now is it. There’s nothing else. Look here.

The more your remember this, the more your whole life becomes an endless exploration, and endless realization of what’s true.”

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