Earthly matters, unearthly art

It was a crowded with people and activity day, and I just took one thing at a time. The therapy client first, that went superbly well I thought. I was on an anti self hate roll with him, and eliminate guilt and shame and accept ourselves as we are. Then to my client with the stone samples, that also went well, and I saw the men and had a great chat with them too. End of the client meeting she gets quite deep and we discuss eliminating being nasty and critical towards ourselves and instead getting compassionate and kind.

Then to the garage where N was waiting to pick me up and then off to the car hire place which all went smoothly. Nice new hired car for 2 days while mine is getting fixed. Then to the park to meet E and a fine encounter, park bench in the sun and then lunch then a walk. Walk in the woods was the best bit. Standing and sitting staring in silence each in our own space, communing with the sounds and smells and not human world. Micky had joined us by then. Really like her but twitters a lot and a super duper people pleaser. And I feel that angle of approach coming through her. Don’t like it when I see it in myself and notice resistance arising in response. People pleasing makes us fake, acquiescent.

J arrived too, always lovely to see him. It was all a bit much though too, J going on about the moon landing and being pretty random. He is struggling with his son’s desire to be a female. E tried to shut me down through ridicule and exaggeration for voicing a view on it, I will need to address that soon. It’s not okay. Anyway such diverse types, the 4 of us all together.

There was also arranging meetings with another therapy client and also to meet a friend later this week. Arranging a meeting today in Edinburgh too. Paying a supplier £2k, paying my therapy supervisor. Sending off pics to the current client of the stone choices.

Thoughts of my son often hover nearby, hoping he’s getting to the other side of whatever obstacle he’s experiencing.

Hung out till I had to go to a meeting with a garden client. That went superbly well. What an amazing house they have and want something really nice in their small back garden. Had the dog in with me too which was nice. Got home, created a new file for the garden client, reply to him with pics.

E introduced me to a new artist from early last century which I used to explore some AI generated art, prompts around spiritual awakening.

Was kind of whacked at the end of all that. Asleep before 9pm…..though it all went smoothly. I needn’t have worried about a thing! I’m still very tired this morning I notice.

Got a therapy client shortly then going to Edinburgh. Which is why I hired the car really, feel I owe it to her to see the end of the project off with my input and presence and support if required.


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