Not many Words

Be still and know the peace of God’. I awoke with this and repeated it over and over for hours this morning as I glided in and out of an 8 hour sleep. Quite an unexpected phrase for me to use and I just went with it.

I lay with a hand on my chest and one on my tummy and a pillow under the knees and relaxed fully. A mantra to give the mind something to do rather than think. Very very restful.

Yesterday had no events in the diary and I took myself to the wild woods and sauntered around slowly taking it all in. Playing with crumbling rock, feeling the moss, pausing a lot and being. Spring greenery and flowers in full magnificent display now. Much gratitude and appreciation present. Then it started pouring and I found a hollow tree to shelter inside.

Here and now over and over whenever thoughts came and I remembered to notice attention wandering.

Later N and M came for tea and we had some fun and chat. Then I walked up for some Chinese food and early to bed.

Soaked and happy

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