Changing Vistas

I’m in the shower and the mind goes this way and that. There’s so much action ahead this week, the mind wants to get control of how events will take place. Not necessary though and it never works anyway. It all unfolds at its own pace, I just have to be there to meet it. In my fullest capacity which actually means ironically, with ‘me’ standing aside and allowing.

I remember the present moment. I come back and notice the body, and I go down each part and acknowledge and thank it, with a loving touch as I wash. There’s the sound of the water, the sight of steam, smells of shampoo….back into the present. And here I am. Always in the present. Even if I ‘checkout’ temporarily and live in the mental world. It’s so not there. Here is here.

Another crazy broken sleep. Not a worried one but the noise upstairs is pretty loud all night and the ear plugs slip out. I don’t get annoyed at all. Not even one bit. It’s just sound. That is noticed and interesting.

I’m in a client’s house yesterday. A major project planned for this large Edwardian house the end of the summer has now magically transformed to an immediate start after that meeting. The builder wants us to do the garden first! Not even a design yet but I’m on it today and this week. Beautiful interaction with the client and her family. She is so lovely.

The iChing says “The situation is serving the purpose of unearthing old and buried feelings so that your inner garden grows anew.

And since it was an unchanging hexagram it then says “You can hide under the bed = but life knows where to find you. Something shocking or reinvigorating is in the air. Because it is unchanging, its unpredictability is specifically what it will take to wake you up from your slumber.

One who believes they can ward off love will suddenly find themselves smitten. Another who thinks they can keep lying to themselves about an unfulfilling job may suddenly be forced to switch careers.

Fear may go along with the ride but if you trust how nature is always purposeful as it regenerates, you need not worry. This is a situation where you may look back and see the hand of providence with a smile. The fact that someone thinks they can ward off change is exactly why change happens. Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens because of us.

Pretty amazing and I’m already smiling at the design of all this. And open to any further shocks required to wake me up.

Let’s see what emerges this week. What a ride it is indeed.

I had a lovely time at my mums too yesterday, a fine walk by a different favourite river edge, and a sit to just be. There was also a really deep nutritious therapy session with a regular client in the morning.

Worry has subsided the last few days, an acceptance that whatever happens is precisely what I need.

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