The physical location of where I feel myself in the body, where I am perceiving the outside world from. When centred, relaxed and not feeling anxious the location is somewhere around the lower chest the upper abdomen area.

I can feel the world from my heart from here. It’s a very different feeling from being located somewhere behind the eyes. It is feeling it all and sensing it all.

Over the last few days, I orientate myself to a felt sense of my own presence from which to perceive from I just drop into the body out of the head and I ‘see’ through that.

I might put my hand on my chest or upper abdomen. I don’t know what any of this means. Except the result is beneficial. It’s not a thought generating place, it’s a direct listening place. A love place. It’s expansive. I have been more mindful of listening to inner guidance.

There’s been a few physical pains going on this week. The calf thing which has almost gone now, but the toothache is in week 3 after the filling, and perhaps connected is regular earache and headaches, plus a large mouth ulcer after the last 2 fillings. None of this has bothered me much, in fact I’ve wondered if the body’s natural pain killers have been partly responsible for the buoyant mood recently. Or even perhaps I just like some pain…..it’s comforting in some way, or keeps me conscious….or something.

Last night was pretty awful though, lay tossing and turning for hours in bed with such strong tooth pain which led to hot and then very cold fevers, how odd. Not a great sleep. I got up eventually at 1am and took some paracetamol and a sleeping pill.

I’m sliding along through the days quite smoothly just now. There are not many thoughts – and certainly not of the tormenting scary kind. I can see those when they arrive and just kind of say ‘oh yes, scary thought’. The contrast of life without much thought is huge. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. Just peace.

I’m snuggling into the arms of the guidance and refuge of the Holy Spirit right now and recently. The Greater Consciousness System, which is my will if I decide to listen. The most harmonious sweet spot is there in every situation. It knows it. Just keep asking it what it wants me to do next. This way or that way…..Answer comes, and I do it, simple. I feel a lot more secure in this instead of the alternative that I’m all alone and vulnerable and with no help.

Today I have the men to pay, and a new therapy client this morning. Then a dog walk and then a late afternoon design presentation and discussion.

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