Happy Arisings

Submerging intensely into a state of deep appreciation of this beautiful animal I share my life with….treasuring and savouring each and every second of the privilege and honour of being in the space of such a wonderful creature.

How fortunate I am, how blessed to have found myself here. Elsa the dog was the centre of the scene, and there’s the whole wider scene though, the endless comfy folds of the huge duvet. The quiet. The warmth of the surrounding air as the heating raises the temperature for me getting up. The leggings and socks and jumper on the radiator warming. Moments of pure grace and equilibrium and gratitude for those. Simple life. This is all there is. Let’s enjoy it, each and every moment. In the present. I realise I’m singing a made up song with the words happy happy in it as I go to through to the loo.

Now at the table in the kitchen and the cars are wooshing past on the wet road. Very raining out there. I fell asleep to Jayasāra speaking the words of Tilopa and it ran on through the entire night, waking me up occasionally. Too tired to switch it off, and I’m sure it’s all very good for me the way it can go in unconsciously. I certainly woke up feel peaceful and at ease.

Three therapy clients today. Note to self- address the resistance to loving ourselves more. That’s the ‘work’ bit, dealing with that resistance. The fear of our splendour and lovability and power and beauty. it’s the perfect mission to reacquaint others with that reality of themselves, and at the same time remind myself.

Midjourney AI version 5 is out and it’s wonderful. Been playing with it this morning. I like to ask it about imaginary utopian worlds, enlightenment and awakening consciousness and love….the last 2 here I prompted it to show the experience of spiritual enlightenment.

Experienced contrast last night, watching a stressful film and biting a nail. I suppose I will carry on with these contrasts till I choose to trust and be open to receiving the guidance that is offered. Asking for help a few days ago changed the whole tone of the day to day experience. Alignment and relief.

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