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Deep in the original version of a Course in Miracles last night and this morning in bed and still now at the kitchen table. Getting with God. It is a slightly different less formal wording to the loftier highly edited version I’ve read so often. The personal notes I skipped over at the first section. I return to ACIM over and over. A line here and there penetrates in very deeply and it has a powerful effect of reducing fear.

Yesterday we assembled for lunch for U’s 80th birthday. It was nice to see U and also hard, as the strength of body and mind very diminished. My mum was there, her daughter my old friend S and partner J, and one of the lovely carer’s. The whole thing was beautiful in a sense, an unusual social gathering of familiar friends and family. So rare these days. And on the other hand it was barely tolerable. The food, the noise…Back up here to my quiet cave. I slept for an hour and a half after that social encounter. I got the dog back and we are pleased.

Today it is is windy and pouring rain for the first time in weeks. after reading ACIM I went into a 2 hour deeply resting state. I’m off to the park for a short walk and lunch and then a stay in day again I think. The leg is nearly healed. I’m grateful it hasn’t taken longer.

My mum first on the right then U.

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