Little Changes

Another 8 hour sleep and out cold before 9pm. I fell asleep to a lovely new meditation by Jayasara.

Today it is all frosty and a bit of snow outside, took a while to de-ice the car.

I had a dentist visit this morning at 8.30am, pretty early for 4 injections and a couple of fillings. Lasted over an hour too….however I enjoyed the happy vibe in there. Chatty, friendly, sunny room, nice music. The dentist was super polite and nice to his assistant.

Numb mouth and headache now. Other tooth is still sore 10 days later too. Tiny niggly painful happenings right now at once.

Having to walk on tiptoes on one leg and and can’t easily do stairs. And what to do about walking the dog……how long will I be incapacitated….Uncertainty is being experienced.

My mum just came over with a walking stick and took the dog home with her. P helped me yesterday with the dog and carrying things, and walked the dog or tried to. She ran right back to me as soon as she was let off. N texted to ask if I need anything. It’s nice to know help is there.

A big part of my life that I enjoy, I am not able to do just now, nature, exercise, happy dog outdoors…what to do. Go with it of course! No point in complaining.

Life is taking its course and changes are underway.

Wayfarer, friend, let us travel together. Night is near, wild beasts are about, and our campfire may go out. But if we agree to share the night watch, we can conserve our forces. Tomorrow our path will be long and we may become exhausted. Let us walk together.

New Era Community 1926

Inside view of the cafe in the park, it’s the old kitchen of the house.

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