A Little Drama

After an hour, I decided to set off home and turned up the steep wooded hill.

Whack! A big stick must have hit me on the back of the calf.

I looked around to see the thing that caused such an impact. Nothing there. Then pain. Then Oh shit, big ouch if I stand on that leg, yikes I can hardly walk….something a bit serious has happened…..

I’m 20 mins walk from the parked car. It took me an hour. Slow baby steps all the way back, and wincing quietly mostly and an occasional involuntary yelp. Looking like one of those people who can’t walk properly you sometimes see and feel pity for. Felt some empathy being I that situation. I take walking ability for granted. Experiencing having it impaired.

I made the best of it, took it as a mindfulness walking opportunity, to breath properly and slow right down, look around at nature, be there fully.

I called N, he met me to check I could drive okay.

Life saying go even slower?! What’s the metaphor here…..hmmmm.

So I looked it up online, a ruptured calf muscle. Whether it’s grade 1,2 or 3 I’ll find out over these next days. There will be consequences for my walks and the dog.

Today a friend is picking me up and will walk our dogs while I remain in the cafe. I can kind of walk limping as long as long as one foot is on tiptoe. Which is odd as yesterday it was the opposite, I couldn’t go on tiptoe on the damaged leg, it was only not sore with the foot flat on the ground. Have to just see how it heals, could be days or even weeks.

I had a grand time though before all that. Glorious sunshine again. I wanted to stay out as long as possible. I’d decided to make a fire, since it was freezing cold and I wanted to stay outdoors for longer and linger and be warm. The river was half frozen in places. In all these years I haven’t ever made a fire out there. So it was a little bit of extra fun.

Had a therapy client when I got back. And then rested. Asleep at 9am for over 8 hours. Body knows what it needs.


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