Unexpected Bonus

I received a call yesterday from the local housing department (who own the flat above me) to tell me that they are going to fix the noisy floorboards upstairs. Not only that, they are going to resheet the entire floor upstairs with new hardboard and then re carpet the whole place.

Wowee. That was unexpected. Life throws me a lovely little bonus card.

I recognise the lesson in the situation. Me and dislike of noise has been a theme in this life. So I have tried hard to use it as a psychological training exercise, Michael Singer style, to just be with the disturbance. Lean back inside, let the disturbance be there, and carry on. Don’t try and change the outside world to make me feel okay inside. Learn to be okay with whatever is happening. And I succeeded sometimes, and failed near daily. Somehow I’m getting an upgrade.

I’ve done next to nothing in terms of approaching my neighbour upstairs as they are a vulnerable family with big problems physical and mental health wise. I asked and they had said no. I did put in a request to the housing department a couple of times to fix it. And now they respond with a solution, and spoke to me so kindly too.

I’m receiving it as a positive and encouraging sign and it’s an opportunity to allow and welcome when things go well. I love the feeling of flourishing that occurs when improvements take place.

Got a therapy client shortly then a walk with a friend in the park. And a potentially important large project to go and see in the late afternoon.

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