A Choice

Today there was a clear choice

Life is feeling a bit empty today, I have nothing much to do. It horribly grey, cold and inhospitable outside. I don’t want to go out, it’s warm indoors. I feel bored, a touch lonely, a bit low and I think I’ll maybe just rest on the sofa, browse the internet, and perhaps watch a film.


These are precious moments, every single one. This is all you have, and however you feel, you can be with it. What a luxury to have such free time. And a bit of a low mood day is just fine, go along with it. No expectations, just do what you know is good for you, get exercise and enjoy nature. Eat healthy.

So I went for a lovely woodland walk round a high stone walled garden a little drive away at Greenbank country house. Then some lunch in the courtyard outside.

I unexpectedly got to meet several people I know there too. A friend of my mum’s, then the two gardeners from my local national trust park, also a cafe staff member who I’ve known for some years and is always so friendly and we are always pleased to see each other. And then a chat with the new gardener there at Greenbank too who told me all about his plans for the place.

All unexpectedly and friendly and heart warming. Then found myself chatting to a dog walker while the dogs played, who told me the old army bridge across the river is now open in another nearby park I know.

I’ve never seen it open. So off I went to explore there. Curiosity aroused. That bridge we used to cross when we were teenagers with great difficulty under and then over barbed wire.

Today I walk across with ease for the first time. Must be a metaphor in there. I spent time exploring a very rich relatively unknown woodland by the river. Found some familiar spots too. Sent some pics to my teenager friend Pats, still a good friend. I sat by the river and let the melody of notes soothe and hypnotise me into a state of relaxation.

Then to the allotment with the new bird food and filled up the bird feeder. Nice hello greetings with 2 allotment holders I know and the groundskeeper A. Then back here.

The choice. Embrace life as it is, do something healthy even if I didn’t feel like it fully, or try and retreat and shut down. Im glad I went out, met people unexpectedly and had a mini adventure to an unexpected place. The body is well exercised, the dog is sleeping happily.

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