Weekend Relaxing

Just mellow and easy and relaxed. Walked over to the allotment yesterday, and planted some elephant garlic and horseradish, presents from my old friend Phil at Xmas who lives in a beautiful walled garden. Did some burning and weeding and tidying. Good to be outdoors doing something physical. What will I grow this year vegetable wise? I have some globe artichokes popping up already that were planted last year. Going to get some climbing hydrangeas for a north facing trellis.

Also had an evening walk yesterday, such beautiful clear skies and cool fresh air. On Saturday I went for a long morning walk in the sun, then to an Eckhart Tolle group meditation meeting. A beautiful Georgian terrace with double near ceiling to floor windows overlooking the botanical gardens….I had high expectations of a beautiful interior….but inside….Like being in the worst dusty dated 1980s student flat. I’m effected by surroundings for some reason.

Whole thing was odd, including the jittery chap who lives there running it, his huge long fingernails and talking repeatedly about how psychic he is. Which has nothing to do with Eckhart Tolle. Judgmental of me I know, I forgive myself.

I had a lovely time though, met people and we relaxed deeply together. Very powerful to do this work in a group I am reminded. The combined energy. I came away feeling uplifted and even more deeply relaxed. I’ve been going deep and quiet recently and being much more in the present. In the evening a delightful dinner at my mum’s with uncle C and his wife L.

Today therapy clients and maybe I progress this design on the drawing board.

After the Eckhart video I watched on the subtleties of the ego manoeuvres I thought I’d up my noticing. Got one today already – the urge to subtly try to impress someone occurred today by name dropping…..motive? To be accepted and feel belonging. Social class positioning. Think this is one I notice quite often. It suggests a part of me that judges me as inadequate is attached to that garment of the identity.

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